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Grahame is best known in the industry as a specialist Liberty horse trainer. He has supplied horses for some of the most memorable and exciting horse footage seen on screen.

With his much admired and trained eye for detail, film producer’s world wide
put their trust in Grahame to create undeniable screen value.

The Ware family has been working in the film industry since the 1940's, and continue to serve the film industry with the utmost professionalism.

We have training partners world wide and are able to source the right animal for your production. If required, we can assist in putting you in contact with a network of trainers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and China.

Grahame Ware Jnr is a professional horse and animal trainer, who is devoted to supplying animals for Film, Television, Media and Live Events.

We supply all breeds of animals and live stock; our specialty being horses; the Performance Livestock team of highly experienced trainers and wranglers are skilled at sourcing and delivering specific production requirements.

We pride ourselves on supplying trained animals and livestock that are accustomed to working in a variety of situations such as busy city streets, office buildings, battle sequences, in elevators, on barges, on trains, around explosives, around fire, water etc. Our animals are fully trained to accommodate your every requirement.

What We offer

Horse Master Trainer, Animal Trainers, Wranglers
Script Breakdowns for Animal Requirements
Budget Estimations
Animal and Horse Co-ordination
Liberty, Trick and Stunt Horse Hire
Livestock Hire
Horse Carriages and Wagons
Saddlery and Equipment hire (including props)
Transportation, Portable Yarding, and Animal Housing
Large Numbers of Livestock Available
Horse Stunt Co-ordination

***We are able to assist you in gaining the necessary permits that may be required for animals used in events, film and more***

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